These beautiful handcrafted + hand-painted wooden peg dolls are perfect for gifts, imaginative play, keepsakes, and even cake toppers! 

Customize 1, 2, or the entire family! We hand-paint the Peg dolls to match your friend's or family’s uniqueness such as hairstyle, skin tone, attires but it is not intended as realistic portraiture.

You can choose from a standard color to a customizable dol. 

Baby - 70mm
Kids: 85mm +
Adults: 130mm

Please note we have 2 options available. Standard dolls as seen on the first image - you can change the skin tone and hair color, but the clothing etc stays the same. OR you can customize your peg dolls, send us a picture of the person you would like to make, and paint accordingly. 

* Please remember these are hand-painted + handcrafted, so variations will occur.

Peg Dolls - Standard Look

Hair Color
Eye Color
  • This product is handcrafted.
    Gently wipe with damp cloth.