After having my first little one, I decided to ditch the 9 to 5 and start my own small business. What was once an excuse to stay at home and play dress-up the whole day, has now become an established home-based 'factory'. The product images are hand-drawn, digitised and then screen printed on our dining room table one by one. Cutting, sewing and stitching commences and finally a beautiful product emAerges. 

Mayalief originally started off making and selling decor items, but over the last two years we have expanded our range to include all sorts of baby and toddler goodies. We now have a great selection of baby decor items and accessories, developmental toys, fabric dolls, milestone cards and other card stock. Our modern and minimalistic ‘the story of you’ baby book has also become quite popular. This journal is ideal for capturing all those special moments and memories of your little one from birth through to their 5th birthday. 

Mayalief has been a rewarding venture from day one, starting under the trees at Irene Village Market. We have now moved online and I send my pretty products nationwide. 

This journey has been a great blessing and I thank all the Mayalief-mamas for the continued encouragement and support. 

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‘Annapatat Kids creates stylish baby and toddler clothes.

They are dedicated to creating beautiful, high quality products

for your little ones, ranging from sizes 0 - 3 months up to 7 - 8 years.

The brand is all about being intrigued by the whimsy of kids clothing

and how much fun you can have, the quirkier the better!


For the love to mix and match patterns and designs,

most of their items can be worn together and

little sis and big sis can match too.


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Natural, toxin free living is what Living That Oil Life is all about, ranging from their bespoke essential oil blended baby bum creams, beeswax-based balms to roller blends that help support sleep, anxiety, hormones and even teething for little ones.  For the avid DIYer they also offer popular base ingredients such as Vitamin E, Jojoba, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond oils to name but a few. These can be used on their own as part of a daily face and body routine or incorporated into recipes to make a range of nasties-free, all-natural household and beauty products. Feel free to reach out to Ash, she has a wealth of info and advice on how to incorporate natural, plant-based alternatives into your home and is always happy to share a DIY recipe too. 

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